About Us

Thermofax Printing is a business born from Amelia Leigh’s passion for textiles, quilting, dyeing, and printing.

Through Thermofax Printing, Amelia is looking to help you achieve the fabric you have in mind. You may have dyed your fabric or tried printing using various methods, but haven’t yet got the result you were looking for.

With Thermofax Printing you can turn your idea, that image that is in your mind, into a thermofax that can then be used to print that unique fabric you are looking for. Alternatively, you may prefer to choose one of the images we have created.

There are so many possibilities when you work with thermofaxes. You could use thickened dyes, fabric paints, discharge paste, acrylic paints, etc. (remember: NEVER let the medium dry on your screen, it will render it unusable). You could use small images to create a background texture or a larger image customessaywriter.co.uk which will become the star of the scene. And, remember, the images can be combined to create something different; you can print just part of the image, or print using more than one colour on the same screen, and so on. You are in control and on your way to create your own masterpiece.