Thermofax Screens and Products for Textile Artists

Custom Screens

Custom Screens

Custom screens enable you to send us your design for transfer to a quality Thermofax printing screen. Please follow the guide below for preparing and sending your images.

Image Sizes

Size Cm / Inches Price
Small 11 x 6 / 4.3 x 2.4 £8.00
Medium 18 x 9 / 7.1 x.3.5 £12.00
Large 24 x 17 / 9.5 x 6.7 £18.00

Preparing your Images

For us to prepare your thermofax screen, you need to send us a positive black & white image, which should fall within the sizes of the screens indicated above.

If your image is slightly larger than one of the frames, think about either reducing the size to fit or making it larger to fit into the next screen size. Also, if you have a couple of small images, consider putting them on the same screen. You’ll have to be more careful when printing, or you will need to block one of the images, but this is an idea which might be worth considering.